Sold in 2 lb packages divided into 1/4 pound portions

Pets Go Raw products start with government-inspected, human-quality, muscle meat as a foundation. Additional beneficial ingredients such as organ meats, vegetables, fruits, farm-fresh eggs, kelp, herbs, & spices are added to great a full meal.

These products are finely ground for easy digestibility and full absorption of nutrients. No by-products, grains, meal, or fillers are used—just good, wholesome fresh food.

We believe in a diverse diet of biologically appropriate raw food that should include a variety of muscle meats, organ meats, vegetables, fruits, and bones. Pets Go Raw recipes that are sure to offer your furry family members the premium nutrition they require to live long, healthy, and happy lives.

Pets Go Raw Bison Full Meal 2 lb package in 1/4 lb portions

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