Ear Infections: These can plague Doodles and all floppy eared breeds of dogs. The ears trap moisture and should be regularly checked.

The Powder is less than the cost of a single vet visit and medication. The powder will last up to a year or more.

The ear canal is deep and dark and frequently the hair in the canal grows similar to the thickness and speed of that on the body. At the bottom of the canal is the ear drum, and great care must be taken to not damage the drum. The ear canal glands make wax to protect the delicate tissues.

Because infections, mites, ticks, etc., thrive in dark, moist , warm environments, the way to prevent such problems is to provide a dry and clean environment in the ears.

Some dogs seem to have very little ear hair in their canal, making ear care easier.  My dogs grow hair in the ear canal at an astonishing rate. Therefore, this hair needs to be removed on a monthly basis. Using the powder you can tweeze excess ear out gently. 

Swimming and bathing:
If your dog loves the water, make sure that after every session of swimming you dry the ears and put a cotton ball into the ear to absorb the moisture. If you keep your dog with long thick ear hair, then you must be sure that the ear hair is also dry before you
put powder into the ear. Same goes for bathing.

It truly is magical. 

Doggone Magical Ear Powder - 1 year supply

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