Provide relief to your dog from dry, itchy skin with this group of products.

  1. Just Raw All Chicken/Turkey - this locally made frozen protein without vegetables keeps sugary vegetables and fruits that feed yeast growth out of your dog's bowl - one 5 pound package of either chicken or turkey included
  2. Add 3P Vegetables that come in handy 4 ounce pouches to round out the meal with yeast busting organic vegetables - total of 1 pound included
  3. Fishy Feast Treats let your dog know you love them while providing valuable Omega 3s - one option included in bundle
  4. Yikes I'm Itchy biscuits are a crunchy way to help alleviate dry itchy skin.

Good Bye Itchy Skin helps support your dog's coat and skin with products to alleviate itching and bust the overgrowth of yeast.

Summer Itch Buster - 5 lbs of food with yeast busters and treats

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